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A special upcoming CC2U event for transfer students of all majors

CC2U Transfer Forum

on Wednesday 7 May

4 to 6 pm

at San Diego Miramar College room I-101A

The event will include UCSD students who transferred from community colleges and representatives from the Hughes Scholars Program, McNair, Amgen, A3, UC Financial Aid, NACME, CAMP, OASIS, and more. The interactive events are designed for students to learn about building relationships with mentors, conducting research, and obtaining financial help to succeed now and after they transfer.

The first CC2U transfer forum was held at Mesa College in February, the second at City College in April. This semester we will round out the SDCCD with Miramar College next Wednesday. Next semester we will be at Grossmont College and Southwestern College, but this is your last chance to attend CC2U this academic year! In any case all community college students of any major are welcome at any CC2U event. The format remains the same at each.

For more information, please contact

* Alyson Ponomarenko ( or Donna DiPaolo ( at City College
* Buran Haidar ( at Miramar College
* Alison Primoza ( at Mesa College

Students and interested faculty can sign up at our website:

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