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2009 Walk On Water Competition

The 2009 Walk on Water competition was held on Saturday, October 10, 2009 at the Southwestern Community College swimming pool, from 10:00 – 2:00 PM.

There were 75 total attendees, with 14 total teams from La Jolla high school, San Diego City College, Southwestern Community College, San Diego State University, and high schools within the San Diego MESA Schools Program.

Teams of MESA students designed “buoyancy shoes”, and student “shoe pilots” race across the length of the pool. The competition allows students to gain experience at applying applying the engineering design process; solving open-ended problems.  Most campuses respective MESA programs’ refunded costs to build the buoyancy shoes that teams created to ‘walk on water’ up to $100.

The event lasted a little more than 2 hours, ending around 12:30 PM, despite the 14 teams that competed and the normally expected 2:00 PM ending time.  SWC teams ended up sweeping the competition:

Fastest: Irish Wristwatch, Southwestern College @ 17 seconds!

  1. Scott Walling
  2. Che Nevarez
  3. Stan West

Orcas, Southwestern College

  1. Miguel Lizarraga
  2. Mariano Arjona
  3. Angel Morales
  4. Luis Mierez
  5. Edmundo Godinez
  6. Alfredo Nafarrete

Irish Wristwatch, Southwestern College

Videos can be found at the San Diego MESA Alliance YouTube channel –Walk on Water playlist.

Photo gallery:

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