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Mock Interview, and Resume and Cover Letter Critique (Save the Date)

The Mock Interview, and Resume and Cover Letter Critique will be on Friday, February 4, 2011 from 1pm-4pm at San Diego State University Career Services (Student Services East Building, Room 1200)

This event will have limited seating for MESA/NSF/MEP/MSP students only and will be hosted by industry.

Northrop Grumman will host a presentation on resumes and cover letters from 1-2p and limited students will have an opportunity to participate in 30 minute one-on-one Mock Interviews and Resume/Cover Letter Critiques between 2-4p.

If you are applying to the NSF MESA Summer Team Internship Program or any other job/internships for Summer 2011 it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you attend this event from 1:00p-2:00p and sign up for a 30 minute Mock Interview and 30 minute Resume and Cover Letter Critique.

All students are invited to attend the Northrop Grumman presentation from 1:00p-2:00p. To sign up for a Mock Interview and Resume Critique spot, please reply to

In your email, sign up for you first choice and second choice for the time you would like to be at your Mock Interview and Resume/Cover Letter Critique. You must be at your Mock Interview and Resume/Cover Letter Critique 4 minutes early, or you will forgo your slot to an alternate.

Mock Interview (sign up for 2 times you are available):

Resume/Cover Letter Critique(sign up for 2 times you are available):

To prepare for this event you will need:
• Resume and Cover Letter
o Bring 3 copies of your resume and cover letter. (some industry may ask to keep a copy of this document for their files).
o This should have already been viewed by others/peers and edited. It should be an actual Resume you would submit when you are applying for a job.

• Dress for your interview
o Wear business casual and interview professional clothing. You should be prepared to talk about your qualifications and skills, leadership and teamwork experience, and the contributions you can make to the field of your major. Be prepared to talk about why you are looking for a job or internship, and what you enjoy about your major or study.

• If you are coming from off campus Carpool with other MESA/NSF students

For additional information on resumes/cover letters/interviewing for a job you may go to:

Resume Tips:

• Your name (in large font and in bold), address, contact email, contact phone number. (DO NOT put an email address such as or ”. It should be professional and descriptive such as or “.
• Education at the top (this should list the campus you are attending now, expected graduation, other degrees/certificates you have obtained w/ graduation dates, GPA above 3.0)
• Pertinent classes you have taken (do not include the semester, year. Include current relevant classes you are taking)
• Employment history, other Internships, Leadership Experiences, Student Organization/Volunteer work, Competitions, scholarships and awards etc.
• Pertinent and/or unique skills you have, equipment you can operate

You are not limited by this list, but make sure you include it in your resume. Your cover letter is not a re-hash of your resume. It should highlight experiences that your resume does not explain.

Summer Team Internship Workshops Flyer (Commmunity Colleges)
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