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Student applications being accepted for 2012 Summer Team Internship program

Are you a current Summer 2012 intern? Then the information you are looking for is at:

The information below pertains to the application process for the NSF/MESA Summer Team Internship Program, which is now already underway.


Current (2012) Summer Team Internship Program Application for Students

Due by March 6, 2012.  

Application is now closed.


The National Science Foundation (NSF) STEM Talent Expansion Program (STEP) Partnership of San Diego (SPSD) incorporates the successful MESA model at each partner campus (San Diego City College, San Diego State University, and Southwestern College), enhancing essential services that help students excel.

Together, MESA and SPSD create a partnership of educational, industry, and government organizations forming a pipeline from community college to university to STEM industry.

The NSF MESA Summer Team Internship program is an excellent opportunity for students to develop new skills, gain experience working in science and engineering firms, collaborate in a team, and build relationships with potential employers.

Students will be placed in teams of 2-4 students to collaborate on a research poster that details their work on projects in science and engineering firms or for faculty in, but not limited to, San Diego.  Prior summer team internships and its luncheons/receptions/poster presentations can be viewed in the archives.

The internship is a minimum of 100 hours at $12.50/hour for a total of a $1,250 stipend (minus applicable taxes).


  • Students who are currently in the MESA, MESA Engineering Program (MEP), or Maximizing Science Potential (MSP) programs at either San Diego City College, San Diego State University, or Southwestern College.
  • Students accepted into the MESA program via the National Science Foundation (NSF) are also eligible.
  • U.S. Citizens and/or Permanent Residents.
  • Students with a good GPA and strong leadership skills are strongly encouraged to apply. Students should be very comfortable communicating and working with others because they will be working in team projects.
  • Applicants who have completed 75% of their MESAdvantage Student Report Card (please contact your respective MESA director or the Program Coordinator for more information) are strongly encouraged to apply.

Application process

1) Eligible students must complete the Student Application, via the SurveyMonkey link

2) E-mail the Program Coordinator, Eric Pamintuan, the following documents:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume

Your cover letter and resume should be sent as an editable Word Processing document, such as Microsoft Word (.doc).

Your Cover Letter salutation should be “Dear NSF MESA Summer Team Internship Program,”

Make sure that the Cover Letter and Resume start on their own pages in the Word document or are their own files.

Save the file with your Last Name first, your First Name, and what the Word document is.
Example: Smith John Resume.doc
Example: Smith John Cover Letter.doc

  • Unofficial transcript

Your unofficial transcript can be sent as picture file (.jpg, .gif, .png).  You can do a print screen/screenshot of your unofficial transcript.  You can also scan the unofficial transcript and send as a picture file or (.doc, .pdf).  Faxes are also accepted.  Fax to 619-594-2108.

MESAdvantage Report Card
MESAdvantage Report Card
  • MESAdvantage Report Card

Your MESAdvantage Report Card can be retrieved at your respective MESA Center/office and turned in in-person.  Or download a blank MESAdvantage Student Report Card:

Download as a Microsoft Word documentDownload as a Adobe PDF document

Available in .doc .pdf and .xls formats. Click your preferred formats icon above to download.

Before OR after submitting the online application and application materials above, applicants must:

1) Attend at least 1 resume review session or workshop:

San Diego City College – Career Center Building A, Room A-111

  • Cover Letter and/or Resume Reviews.  Call 619-388-3722 or visit in person to schedule an appointment.
  • Live e-Workshops.  Sign up online.

Southwestern College – One Stop Student Services Center, 2nd Floor, Career Center:

  • Resume Review Workshop.  Thursday, February 9, 2012.  11:00 – 1:00 pm.
  • Resume Reviews.  Call 619-421-6700, ext. 5247 or visit in person to schedule an appointment.

San Diego State University – Career Services, Student Services East, Room SSE-1200.

  • Resume Reviews.  Bring your resume in for review during a 15 minute walk-in session anytime during the hours of (Monday-Thursdays 1:00 – 2:45 pm or Fridays 10:00 – 11:45 am).  To schedule a review session outside of these hours, call 619-594-6851 or visit in person at Career Services Student Services East 1200.

2) Attend at least 1 mock interview session or workshop:

San Diego City College – Career Center Building A, Room A-111

  • Mock Interviews.  Call 619-388-3722 or visit in person to schedule an appointment.
  • Live e-Workshops.  Sign up online.

Southwestern College – One Stop Student Services Center, 2nd Floor, Career Center:

  • Mock Interviews.  Call 619-421-6700, ext. 5247 or visit in person to schedule an appointment.  Due to Southwestern College campus budget reductions, as of Spring 2012 Career Center and Student Employment Services no longer offer mock interviews.

San Diego State University – Career Services, Student Services East, Room SSE-1200.

  • Mock Interview or ‘Perfect Interview’ Video Conference.  Upload your resume online at SDSU Career Services then sign up for an interview online or call 619-594-6851 or visit in person at Career Services Student Services East 1200.

Interview process

Your application materials will be forwarded beginning in April to participating companies/faculty members based on matching eligibility requirements (i.e. Company seeks a Civil Engineering major, applicants majoring in Civil Engineering will have their application materials forwarded, certain exceptions may apply).

  1. You will be notified by the Program Coordinator if your resume was forwarded to a company or faculty member.
  2. Ongoing is your continued revisions of your resume and continued practicing of interview skills.
  3. The employer may contact you directly to request an in-person or phone interview.  Respond to employers request within 1-2 days.
  4. The employer will offer you the summer internship position and terms of the position.
  5. Respond to employers offer immediately.
  6. Inform the Program Coordinator of your hire (or rejection of offer, if applicable).
  7. The Program Coordinator will confirm hire.
  8. Applicants who are matched to a company or faculty will attend a Summer Team Internship Orientation:
    • ~June 2012
    • Location to be determined
    • Time to be determined

Internship timeframe 

Summer internships will occur between May 2012 through August 2012. In some cases, mentors and/or faculty may extend internships or create other internship opportunities for students.

It is at the mentor’s/faculty’s discretion to make/extend internship offers and recommended that students are compensated after their 100 hours. It is at the student’s discretion to accept or deny any offers. Students are asked to inform the Program Coordinator Eric Pamintuan,  of any such offers or extension of internship.

Commitment to the project will include*:

  • Attendance of mock interview workshop(s)
  • Having your cover letter / resume critique reviewed
  • Attendance of summer team internship orientation
  • Completion of required paperwork for both campus and employer
  • 100 internship hours (some companies may make offers to students to work more than 100 hours)
  • 30 minutes a week of non-paid team collaboration before or after work, or during lunch (this can be a meeting in person, via phone, or via e-mail)
  • Completion of time cards (your internship company/faculty member may provide their own time cards.  If not, feel free to use ours)
  • Collaborating with team to create a research poster based on the interns internship experience
  • A presentation of your internship experience at the NSF MESA Summer Team Internship Symposium on Friday August 10, 2012.  ~1:30 – 3:30 pm.  San Diego State University Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center, using your collaborative team research poster as a visual aid
  • Follow-up evaluations and paperwork as necessary

*San Diego City College & Southwestern College students may have additional commitments in order to be eligible for their internship stipend.

Current (2012) Industry/Faculty participants (as of 6/27/12 – subject to change pending review and funding availability):

  1. Anza Borrego Desert State Park
  2. California Space Grant Consortium
  3. Aerospace Structures Research with Dr. Satchi Venkataraman – San Diego State University
  4. Electrical Computer Engineering Research with Dr. Gordon Lee – San Diego State University
  5. Lee & Ro, Inc.
  6. Santarus
  7. Rick Engineering Company
  8. Bio4Front Inc.
  9. RBF Consulting
  10. Raytheon Company
  11. Naviscan, Inc.
  12. Dexcom
  13. SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific / (outreach)
  14. Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
  15. Tocagen
  16. City of Los Angeles – Bureau of Sanitation
  17. Suburban Water Systems
  18. Assure Controls Inc.
  19. Ambient Control Systems Inc.
  20. NAVAIR Fleet Readiness Center Southwest, U.S. Navy
  21. Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP) (sponsored through the SDSU Electrical Computer Engineering Department)
  22. Caltrans
  23. Engineering Research Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering
  24. Scripps Research Institute
  25. Southwest Fisheries Science Center
  26. Research with Professor Lisa Chaddock – San Diego City College
  27. San Diego Gas & Electric

Contact information:

STEP Partnership of San Diego Program Coordinator:

Eric Pamintuan


Office:  619-594-2680

Fax:  619-594-2108

Mailing Address:

San Diego State University
College of Engineering – MESA Engineering Program
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-1303
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